Car insurance: How to pay less in 2022 and easily save on your car budget?

As soon as a vehicle is considered to be driving, by law, it is compulsory to take out auto insurance for it. From one firm to another, prices may vary, especially when you want to benefit from the best guarantees. How to make savings on this item of expenditure in 2022?

What are the points to look at to find the most suitable car contract?

When we are not careful, it is easy to pay for guarantees that are not or are no longer suitable. This is why it is imperative, before embarking on a search for cheap car insurance, to determine your needs with regard to your situation and your vehicle.

You will not choose the same contract if you are an experienced driver (even if this does not exclude the risk of an accident) than if you have just obtained your licence. Even if they are safe behind the wheel, young drivers are considered more at risk by insurance firms. For them, the amount of bonuses is often high as long as they have this status.

Is the car used every day, to make many journeys; if only in the professional context; or does it cover less than a given number of annual kilometres? In the latter case, it is sometimes possible to obtain a preferential rate, as well as if several cars are insured.

Finally, depending on the geographical area of ​​residence, certain risks are more common than in other places in France, such as the risk of avalanches or the presence of animals which frequently cross the roads and can hit vehicles. full force.

Once this is done, it is necessary to look at which formula is best suited. In general, three distinct proposals are made:

The most basic level of coverage is third party insurance ; what is also called civil liability car insurance. It allows the motorist to cover it if he is responsible for an accident that caused damage to others. It’s a perfect contract when the car isn’t very recent and in the argus, it’s not worth much anymore. It is impossible to subscribe less than this contract.

To this can be added different levels of guarantee, concerning for example glass breakage or theft which could be perpetrated on the vehicle or objects inside it. We are then talking about a intermediate contract. This contract allows, it is certain, to be better covered in the event of problem, but the amount of the contributions tends, already, to increase.

Finally, there is all risk insurance, preferred by drivers who own a new car, for example, a vehicle that represents a significant market value, but also those who prefer to drive with the certainty that they will be covered, whatever happens. However, it is important to read all the clauses of the contract and the conditions, so as not to have any unpleasant surprises. It is of the three, the most expensive contract.

The best thing is to compare the prices, and to do a search for insurance that fits your needs perfectly!

Find the cheapest car insurance: tips

To find the insurance contract that offers the right level of coverage without straining the budget, it is possible to opt for two solutions.

The first consists of contacting all the surrounding insurance firms to request quotes.

This process can be extremely time-consuming, because you will then have to take the time to compare each proposal, which is not always easy, depending on the many criteria (deductible, waiting period, quality of customer service, proximity to the branch …).

This is in particular because it is legally easier to change your car insurance when you want to find cheaper than online comparators exist.

Most often free, these tools made available to Internet users are easy to use. All you have to do is answer a questionnaire that takes into account the profile of the driver, but also the characteristics of the car(s) to be insured. Indeed, the age, the brand, the model, the number of kilometers driven can have an impact on the price that will be given.

In a few moments, the motorist sees the list of insurers who can meet his needs. All he has to do, with the same level of cover, is to choose the least expensive contract. On some platforms, it is even possible to take out your contract online, without having to travel.

Knowing that the amount of auto insurance can increase by up to 4% per year, it is important to regularly reassess your needs and turn to an online comparator to save more than 200 euros on average each year.

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