Car insurance: 5 simple tips to make real savings on your quote!

Taking out insurance for your vehicle is a legal obligation. However, this item of expenditure can be very high. Fortunately, there are fairly simple tips to implement to reduce your monthly contributions.

Take a step back from your situation (and your car):

  • The French are people of habit: when they have a given contract or insurer, it is sometimes difficult for them to think about changing. However, situations are changing. A person with more experience does not have to pay the same as a young driver; this everyone understands. It may be time to make an updated inventory of its needs.
  • While a new car has every interest in being insured against all risks because of its market value, this is not the case for a car that has aged. After a certain number of years, switching to an intermediate or third-party formula (the compulsory base) makes it possible to make substantial savings.

Take the right guarantees for your vehicle according to certain criteria:

  • When you want to have a good level of guarantee, it is common to sign a contract with your eyes closed. An error because some guarantees are not necessarily suitable. It is preferable to take an intermediate formula which includes the most important basic guarantees and to take the options which you really need.

Try to renegotiate your contract if the conditions have changed:

  • Because we have decided to use our car less to act for the planet and to do physical activity, we drive less. Why not try to renegotiate his contract? Whether it is the formula less than 10,000 kilometers per year or the insurance for kilometers driven; there are savings to be made. However, the insurer is not obliged to accept: it is better to turn to the competition

Use an online comparator:

  • Are you paying too much for your car insurance? There are certainly insurers who charge less for the same guarantees. This is normal: they are free to set their prices and sometimes have different ways of understanding risk. An online comparator is a free and easy-to-use tool that makes it possible to find insurers that correspond to demand in terms of guarantees and prices.

Go through an insurance broker:

  • Do you want personalized to save hundreds of euros on your car contract? This is the job of the broker. Even if it means paying for his service, why not ask him to also find you the best home, health, etc. insurance? By putting your contracts with the same insurer, again, you can obtain a reduction which will be added to the savings made. Good news for purchasing power.

The best thing is to compare the prices, and to do a search for insurance that fits your needs perfectly!

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