CaixaBank launches its FXNow trading platform in Morocco

CaixaBank branch. Credit: LeDesk

The Spanish financial institution CaixaBank on Monday launched its FXNow trading platform, which allows its customers to trade currencies “in real time, quickly and safely without intermediaries, in Morocco”, we learn from a press release.

Thanks to this launch, CaixaBank claims to have become “the only Spanish bank in Morocco to combine international transfers made through online banking with online exchange rate management services”.

FXNow would have been adapted to the Moroccan market by “ensuring compliance with local regulatory requirements and taking into account the trading of different currencies, while maintaining its main advantages: its ease of use, with a user-friendly and practical interface its agility, which allows transactions to be executed in just two clicks and easy recording »let us know.

This platform was launched in Casablanca “during an event organized by the CaixaBank branch in Morocco for the Spanish-Moroccan business community and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation”the statement said.

It also has tools “advanced technical analysis to determine the best time to make a trade, as well as a news section gathering the most relevant information on market events”, concludes this same source.

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