But what about the Tesla Cybertruck?

If you hope to receive your Tesla Cybertruck soon in France, we have bad news for you.

Tesla is preparing to market a real supercar and finally sell the new versions of the Model X and the Model S in France. But the most sensational Tesla novelty is clearly the Cybertruck, this famous 100% electric pick-up with a completely crazy style.

But while it was still possible to pre-book your copy of the Cybertruck a few days ago, this option has simply disappeared from the Tesla website in France (and in the rest of Europe). In a context where Elon Musk recently mentioned uncertainties about the European version of the model, with the possibility of specially developing a version more suited to the needs of customers on the Old Continent, should we see this as a possible renunciation on the arrival of the Cybertruck in our market?

America first

The Cybertruck will begin deliveries to American customers from the year 2023. But for the moment, there is no certainty as to the arrival of the Tesla pickup on the European market. What if the Californian brand decides to cancel its marketing here? We hope to learn more about this very soon.

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