Bram. Schools: €8,000 for high-tech equipment for more safety

the essential
The classes of the two schools in the commune have been equipped with portable radios to deal with emergency situations.

Claudie Faucon-Méjean, mayor, and the municipal police officers went Monday morning to the elementary school, then to the nursery school, their arms laden with parcels which they gave respectively to MM. Bernard Ferrasse and David Montaignac, directors of the two establishments. These packages contained everything necessary for the implementation of the PPMS of the two schools.

The PPMS is the “Special Safety Plan”, a device which must allow teachers and other staff taking care of schoolchildren to deal with emergency situations such as a fire, an event exceptional weather, a chemical accident, an intrusion into the establishment, or other events that may cause damage to children, their supervisors, or property. Mandatory for all schools and in place for several years in Bram, this system has just been modernized to meet the expectations of those who may be faced with a delicate situation.

A radio in every classroom

It is an investment of more than €8,000 that has been made by the City. About twenty portable radios (walkie-talkies) have been deployed in each of the rooms to ensure communication between classes and to establish a link between the establishments and the security forces (municipal police and gendarmerie), particularly in cases where the scale of the event would delay the intervention of the emergency services, or if the establishment was temporarily isolated from any contact. In addition, each case contains care and first aid materials, flashlights, etc. Arnaud Le Manach, head of the municipal police, presented the equipment provided and recalled the recommendations for its use.

“The material kits that we have given to the directors of nursery and elementary schools complement the training and exercises carried out regularly within our establishments, and guarantee more safety for our pupils and our teaching teams”, noted Ms. Faucon Méjean.

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