Borrower insurance: France Assos Santé requests the establishment of a minimum base of guarantees in contracts

Ladies Senators, Honorable Senators,

You will soon study the text of the bill concerning the improvement of borrower insurance. France Assos Santé thanks you in advance for the favorable follow-up that you will give to this text and congratulates you on what will constitute a long-awaited extension of access to borrowing. Thus, many of our fellow citizens suffering from health problems will finally be able to acquire their main residence.

To establish the effectiveness of this future piece of legislation, we nevertheless believe it necessary to look into the guarantees of insurance contracts, in order to avoid the extension, or even the generalization of the deterioration observed on the market with the multiplication low-cost insurance.

For those concerned, the objective is to WIN the right to borrower insurance WITHOUT LOSING the quality of the insurance guarantees.

This is why we are asking you to extend the mission of expertise entrusted to the Financial Sector Advisory Committee (CCSF), in Article 9 of the text, which aims to assess the consequences of the law on the type and level of guarantees offered. It seems essential to us, given the dangerous developments observed on the market right now, to extend the CCSF study to the content of a minimum base of guarantees in all borrower insurance contracts.

Please accept, Ladies and Gentlemen, the expression of our highest consideration.

Gérard Raymond, for the France Assos Health Office

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