Bleu Jour launches its Kubb Secure PC

On the occasion of the Hacking Convention 2022, on April 14 and 15, the French manufacturer Bleu Jour unveils a new secure mini PC with contactless encryption designed in partnership with Freemindtronic.

Bleu Jour is a very atypical builder. First of all, he is French, which is really not common. Then, the company specialized in a particular segment: that of mini PCs, based on Intel Compute Element technology. Finally, the company generates most of its turnover in the B2B segment and for export.

The Toulouse company is once again relying on its trademarks to offer a new mini PC for fairly vertical use. The Kubb Secure is a compact computer designed for companies that need to strengthen their information assets and their exchanges either because they work in areas where security takes precedence (army, finance, legal, etc.) or because they have to protect intellectual property on which they work.

The Kubb Secure is thus the very first desktop computer to integrate Secure Card technology from deeptech Freemindtronic as standard. This provides an end-to-end contactless encryption solution. It thus becomes possible to encrypt and decrypt files and messages simply by passing a SecureCard card in front of the contactless reader of the PC or smartphone.

Bleu Jour will demonstrate this original technology on its THCon2k22 stand at the Toulouse Hacking Convention on April 14 and 15.

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