Bitcoin: Tag Heuer Swiss watches are on crypto time

Right on time – The platform for the purchase and resale of luxury watches Watches World offer since April 2022, I’option to pay in cryptocurrencies. A very famous Swiss watchmaker, TAG Heuer, recently decided that it was time to take the same path.

Regulated like a Swiss watch, TAG Heuer dives into Bitcoin

The luxury watch manufacturer TAG Heuer accepts cryptocurrency payments. At this time, only US customers who purchase watches and accessories online are affected.

Customers can choose from a dozen cryptocurrencies, including: Bitcoin (BTC)I’Eether (ETH)Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Dogecoin (DOGE).

The company collaborates with BitPay crypto payment processor to offer this new method of payment. Buyers will be able to transact up to $10,000 – without no minimum spend requirement.

Cryptocurrencies are therefore increasingly attracting luxury brands from different sectors. And this, despite the speeches often pointing the finger the supposedly high volatility risks of Bitcoin and its cadets :

As an avant-garde watchmaker with an innovative spirit, we knew that TAG Heuer would adopt what promises to be globally integrated technology in the near future, despite fluctuations »

Frederic Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer

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Tag Heuer adjusts its watches to the web 3.0 era

The CEO associates cryptocurrencies with the next evolution of e-commerce and retail :

With a growing number of customers regularly using or earning digital currencies, TAG Heuer intends to be a key player in the impending transformation of e-commerce and retail. »

Frédéric Arnault further indicated that Tag Heuer was following ” closely the evolution of cryptocurrencies since bitcoin started trading “.

This openness to cryptocurrency payments would, however, in reality only be first steps of the company in the web3.

This new crypto payment feature is just the start of many exciting projects for TAG Heuer in the Web3 worlds »

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly appealing to the luxury sector. Gucci announced in May 2022 that it was beginning to accept cryptocurrency payments in some of its stores. This 105-year-old French luxury fashion brand later followed in his footsteps.

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