Bitcoin: Kraken spreads its tentacles on the Lightning Network

Kraken spreads its tentacles over the Lightning Network – Like many blockchains, Bitcoin can face significant congestion problems. To overcome this problem, developers have turned to second-layer solutions. Thus, the Lightning Network allows users to make transfers in BTC at a lower cost.

Kraken x Lightning Network: the rumor Rumbles

It’s been since the beginning of the month that the rumors concerning the addition of the Lightning Network to Kraken Platform Multiply.

Thus, in mid-March, a user revealed that he had identified a Lightning Network node using the Kraken alias associated with an octopus image. It will not take more to launch a series of rumors.

For its part, Amboss Space, the company behind the explorer that identified this node could not confirm or deny the news:

“Kraken has not contacted us to verify this node is theirs using our standard Twitter verification process plus digital signature to prove ownership. However, judging by the restrictive channel policies, their choice of channel peers, and the size of their nodes and channels, it seems to be legit. »

Still, it’s been since 2020 that Kraken says it’s been considering adding the Lightning Network. According to an article published by our colleagues at Cointelegraph in December 2020, the addition of the LN should have taken place in 2021.

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The Lightning Network in the pipeline

This story got a new twist on March 29, via the publication of Mr. Hodl on Twitter.

Thus, he unveiled the addition of the Lightning Network for deposits and withdrawals on Kraken, accompanied by a screenshot.

Tweet posted by Mr Hodl – Source: Twitter.

At the same time, several users have announced that they do not have the Lightning Network option on their Kraken interface. Thus, it would seem that the rollout of the feature is gradual and that not all users have access to it at the same time.

More and more centralized exchange platforms are choosing to integrate second-layer solutions into their infrastructure. Thus, at the beginning of the year, the application Cash App announced the addition of the Lightning Network for bitcoin trading.

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