Bitcoin: he offers a house to his mother in BTC

This is the story of a guy… – Today we want to tell you a beautiful story. One of those that showcases everything we love about the industry: Bitcoin cheap,love and a bit of finance families. The small world of cryptocurrency regularly offers us some beautiful moments of sharing, mutual aid or of solidarity. In England, a young man used it to help his mother buy a house. All you need is love…and 2 bitcoins.

Ten years in the life of a hodler of Bitcoin

This story takes place in Yorkshire, in the north of England. We don’t really know the name of our main protagonist because he wished to remain anonymous, but we do know that he started using Bitcoin in 2012. He obtains it by peer to peer and use it to buy “things on the internet” as he says. At this ” era “not big exchanges, but “real people” who buy and sell Bitcoin, a “weird experience” explains the one the Cointelegraph calls “Alan”.

During the two years of university which will follow, it continues to be interested in the thing but nothing more. Until 2014 when the hundred euros in his portfolio will become several thousand. He will then realize all the potential of this crypto that no one talks about. In addition to a currency “sufficiently anonymous”Bitcoin becomes in his eyes “a store of value”.

During the seven years that will pass, he will to buy and especially in spend. He will even try in 2016 to convince his father to invest in the thing but in vain. And then in 2021, when the price of cryptos breaks price records, his mother has need to buy a house. He has the means to help her, but he is not keen on the idea of ​​selling his precious bitcoins.

Borrowing money for cryptocurrency is possible!

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Borrow money for cryptos

He knows a little about the workings of the decentralized finance and is considering different options that would allow him to borrow money in return for his cryptocurrency. But eventually it will choose the Celsius platform, “less risky in his eyes” than DeFi and takes out a loan against Bitcoin. He opts for a Loan to Value ratio of 25% with an interest rate of 0%.

Basically he borrow for 25% of the value he leaves in guarantee. On his sister’s birthday, this sentimental man makes it official and borrows $25,000 against a little more than 2 BTC. With this contribution, his mother can in turn take out a loan from a conventional bank and buy a house. When she finds out where the money is coming from, her mother will split a ” it’s cool ! » which alone sums up this whole story.

Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius, is delighted with this kind of publicity:

“We hear lots of cool stories of clients starting businesses, (…) buying homes, caring for others and even climbing mountains using Celsius loans. »

Our English friend will have the last word of this story in the form of two tips. Be careful with your secured loans and watch out for liquidation. He himself recognizes that sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad…. (sic)”. Finally, his last recommendation for the community will be in the form of a joke: “everyone should buy their mother a house. Or better, another house! ». That’s the end of our tender moment. But if you want a little more love before resuming a normal life, I advise you to meet Shruti Nair and Anil Narasipuram. Love love me do !

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