Bitcoin and cryptos in paradise: The JDC offers you Tahiti for the PICS summit!

On June 5, 6 and 7, a large part of the editorial team and the founders of the Journal du Coin will travel to Tahiti (French Polynesia) to organize and animate the first edition of the Polynesian Islands Crypto Summit (PICS). The team, made up of as many veterans of the newspaper as some of the newcomers to the editorial staff, will take the opportunity to host an international event that will see the fine flower of the crypto and blockchain ecosystem gathered in the middle of the Pacific.

And while the current market is gloomy, the opportunity is perfect to come and stock up on vitamin D in the Polynesian sun. But aware that the maneuver may seem unaffordable for many, your favorite duck has therefore decided to take one or one of you in the team’s luggage, as part of an exceptional competition!

PICS, the sunniest crypto and blockchain summit of the year

We were talking about it a few weeks ago Polynesian Island Crypto Summit from Tahiti- PICS for the intimate therefore – is already shaping up to be the must-attend crypto event of 2022.

And in view of the growing enthusiasm around this first Tahitian edition, one thing is obvious: history will distinguish those “who were there” from the others, with for the former lasting memories enhanced by discreet scents of monoi and exotic fruits, and for the latter the vague impression of having missed something unique.

“Follies are the only things you never regret” said Oscar Wilde who would probably have already booked his tickets for Faa’a international airport, at the gates of the Polynesian capital Papeete.

And this old branch of Oscar would have had some arguments to dare the 22 hours of plane to join this France of the End of the World which is French Polynesia, in order to take part in this exceptional summit, judge for yourself:

  • 3 days of conferences, around fifteen speakers, in keynote or panel format
  • Big names in French and international industry
  • Prestigious sponsors and partners
  • A coherent thematic approach, presenting the growth, development and employment opportunities of the crypto and blockchain ecosystems, against the backdrop of the emergence of the Web3 revolution
  • On a prestigious site
  • … all accessible completely free of chargeon ticket office and reservation
PICS Sponsors
Some of the PICS partners

Among the leading players in the crypto industry who have decided to put a suitcase on the Polynesian sand, we will mention the crypto-bank Wiglone of the first entities that could truly deserve the status of “Neo-bank”, Summit Mining and its unique approach to pooling crypto mining Just Mining blockchain investment and security leader or agency Bl0x which embodies the new forms of marketing and communication of Web3.

The PICS is also supported by several international giants such as Avalanche, Elrond and even FTX which was just released yesterday.

The free has a value

You do not dream : access to the PICS will be free. This is to be underlined in an environment where participation in most of the high masses of the industry is often unaffordable for some (between several hundred and up to several thousand euros depending on the event).

The Polynesian Islands Crypto Summit thus aims to be without the slightest barrier to entry, whether financial or in terms of prerequisites for monitoring and understanding the interventions.

The 3 days of conferences are thus arranged in such a way that the summit alone represents a real journey of discovery, then of deepening of knowledge for an enlightened public, but in need of support.

Starting from the main and founding notions (history and value proposition of Bitcoin and cryptomonetary assets, blockchain, NFTs, Decentralized Finance, NFTs, etc.), the public will then evolve gently towards more concrete illustrations allowing them to understand how concepts and technologies that are often complex, even counter-intuitive, find concrete applications in reality and will even have the vocation of reshaping uses and everyday life, in the same way as the web has upset the economy and society over the past 30 years.

Demonstrate, Educate, Inspire

Taxation, regulation, technological and accounting integration for professionals and merchants, potential for growth and visibility offered by NFTs for the benefit of artists, exposure of new industrial models, unprecedented governance models…

This is the heart of the PICS value proposition: a demonstration by example of the colossal growth potential of the industry, whether you are an individual, an entrepreneur, a business leader or an administrative manager.

The new decentralized financial, savings and investment models, as well as trading and speculation, will also be discussed, with the constant concern of reminding us of the pitfalls and complexities of an adolescent ecosystem, full of opportunities, but also of risks.

The Intercontinental Hotel, site of the PICS
The InterContinental Hotel in Tahiti, site of the PICS summit

How to participate in the Polynesian Island Crypto Summit?

The PICS summit is seeing growing interest as the program and speakers unfold, and places are limited. Consequently, an article will reveal in the next few days the modalities of access to the summit ticket office. Follow the news of the event on the official site to be among the first informed.

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Le Journal du Coin and Hellmouth Banner offer you a trip to Tahiti!

As we pointed out in the introduction, coming to French Polynesia, even for the coolest crypto event of the year, represents a certain cost.

For this reason, and to celebrate the passage of 2000 followers on the official PICS accountthe Journal du Coin and yours truly have decided to offer one or one of you an exceptional prize: a return plane ticket Paris-Tahiti, as well as 7 nights of accommodationall in the form of an allocation in cryptocurrency $EGLD or $USDC for a lump sum of €1900!

To participate, nothing could be simpler, just refer to the tweet below:

So, the Polynesian intoxication without the bank hangover is yours! This exceptional competition is open until April 25, 2022.

The JDC and I are delighted to take one of our esteemed readers on this memorable journey. Now six weeks away from the event, it’s high time to start working on your beach body!

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