Binance settles in France and in the capital of Twitter

In the list of things to do, Binance can check “done” in front of the box “registration with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)”. For neophytes, Binance is quite simply the world’s largest platform for buying cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The formality was essential to the development of the platform in France and beyond in Europe. Because Binance, founded five years ago by Changpeng Zhao in Hong Kong, has not always had the wind in its sails. Last year, for example, the British regulator banned Binance UK from operating on English soil.

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Installation within station F

To set up in France, Binance did not skimp on the means. He moved to Station F, Xavier Niel’s incubator, to support start-ups wishing to develop crypto-assets, blockchains and metaverses. Since May 4, it has been registered in France as a digital asset service provider with 36 other digital currency players. This registration concerns the “custody of digital assets”, their purchase and sale against legal tender currencies or even the exchanges and the operation of a securities trading platform, according to the AMF website. In total, the AMF now lists more than thirty companies registered in this sector, which requires verification of “the integrity and competence of the managers” as well as compliance with the regulations.

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