Bike insurance: 3 things to know in order to make the best choice

Switch to soft mobility is it obvious to you? However, you may know: whether it’s an electric scooter Where of a bicycle, you have to subscribe to an insurancein particular to protect you against the theft of your bicycle (1 bike stolen every minute in France !). How to choose it?

Look at your MRH contract:

the home insurance contract that you have subscribed to may already have a warranty against theft of your bike. The conditions are sometimes drastic (theft in a secure room with an alarm, for example). This does not generally affect flights away from home.

The amount of compensation:

It varies considerably from one insurer to another, knowing that you can only play it twice a year at most. She rotates between 1,500 and 4,000 euros. It is therefore important to compare the contracts.

What is the amount of the insurance premium?

Between 30 and 60 eurosthis is what you can pay, each month depending on your bike (age, value) but also place of residence.

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