“BFM Crypto”: BFM Business bets on cryptocurrencies

Making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone is the BFM Business project. This Thursday, the Altice group’s economic channel announced during an online press conference the launch of the “BFM Crypto” brand. Behind this new entity, the channel wants to launch new programs around new technologies such as cryptocurrency (digital currency), metaverse (virtual world) and among others NFT (digital property titles).

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“It was about time we talked about this subject”

As of today, BFM Business is launching a new program on “BFM Bourse”, called “Club des cryptos” and presented by Guillaume Sommerer from 4:35 p.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Thursday. Cryptocurrency specialists, such as Claire Balva, Valentin Demé, journalist at “Cryptoast”, and Owen Simonin, also known by the youtuber nickname, Hasheur, will come to discuss the news around these technologies. The weekly “Les pros des cryptos”, offered on Fridays, is maintained at 4:35 p.m. In addition, from April 19, two daily chronicles, held by Antoine Larigaudrie, will be offered each day at 6:35 a.m. and 7:35 a.m. on these themes.

It’s about time we talked about this topic“, delights Antohny Morel, journalist of BFM Business, present at the press conference, who wishes “do pedagogy“on cryptocurrency and”continue to tell the story of the rise of technology“.”We also need a debunking of received ideas about crypto, its sulphurous or anti-ecological aspect“, he adds.

Cryptocurrency education

Finally, on the digital side, “BFM Crypto” will be present on all social networks. A podcast dedicated to the news of these technologies will soon be online. BFM Business also plans to launch on Tiktok to offer educational content around cryptocurrency.

People are now interested in cryptocurrency because it is accessible to everyone. It affects all areas such as music and sport. It is developing very rapidly and blockchain technology will be evident, as the internet has become, when it is incorporated into our phone apps.“, comments Hasheur, for whom education in these technologies and the media coverage of cryptocurrency are essential: “It takes hands-on education before usage presses the top. As it is complex and there is a lot of money, it attracts scammers. It will be necessary to produce intelligible information that will bridge the gap between experts and the general public“.

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