Best life insurance 2022: the 2 CGP contracts awarded by Le Revenu

The selection of the Income of the best life insurance contracts offered by CGPs. (© Adobestock)

Le Revenu rewards life insurance contracts distributed by wealth management consulting firms (CGP). Discover the two winners in 2022.

There are approximately 5,000 wealth management firms located throughout the country. For these wealth experts, life insurance is a valuable tool that they know how to handle with skill both in terms of wealth support and financial investments.

To justify their independence, they have an obligation to offer their clients a diversified range of life insurance contracts. Another specificity: they also make personalized financial allocations as part of their regulated status of financial investment adviser (CIF).

The life insurance they distribute are dedicated contracts specially created by insurers or by platforms. Aimed at a clientele looking for financial support, they are generally very comprehensive and at the forefront of innovation.

Discover the two contracts awarded by Le Revenu in 2022 below as well as the funds to buy according to your profile (prudent or balanced).

Wealth Life Plus

Insurer: Suravenir – Distributor: Vie Plus/CGP

An evolving contract, Patrimoine Vie Plus, distributed for twenty-five years via CGP firms that are partners of Suravenir’s Vie Plus platform, has shown its ability to adapt. It references more than 1,200 funds (trackers, structured funds, real estate, etc.) under management


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