Berlin’s Tesla Gigafactory remains under threat from environmental movements

They failed to prevent the opening of the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin, but some environmental groups have decided to continue to fight against the American manufacturer’s factory. They recently launched a procedure to obtain the suspension of the activity of this one.

If Elon Musk thinks he has passed the hardest part by finally obtaining the authorization to operate his Berlin factory, the opponents of the project have not said their last word. It was an incident on April 11 in the Model Y paint shop, of the brand new Gigafactory, which caused a strong reaction from the Grune Liga, a German environmental association. They transmitted to the competent authorities a file to suspend the authorization of activity of the Tesla factory, we learned by the local media RBB24.

A paint leak that worries environmentalists

It must be said that 15,000 liters of a paint mixture escaped from the factory’s tanks on April 11. The liquid was recovered by a company specializing in waste reprocessing and the file could have been closed.

For the Grüne Liga (Green League), Tesla is not in compliance with its authorization application file. The soil in this part of the factory does not yet meet the obligations that the manufacturer has taken, and the associations see it as a risk of pollution, in particular for water. It is for this reason that they asked for the production of the factory to be stopped, until it comes into compliance.

Not enough to suspend operating license

For its part, the regional office for the environment and the water service see it as a malfunction, or even an incident, with no more risk for the groundwater table. The Land of Brandenburg clarified that there was no risk of water pollution due to the conditions imposed on the new factory of the American manufacturer. An accident involving substances hazardous to water would have no consequences beyond the company’s site, if the prevention measures are respected.

If at the local level, the authorities do not react, the environmental association could submit a request for intervention to the Ministry of the Environment, as the supervisory authority, to win the case at the national level.

These environmental groups have done everything to prevent the installation of the Berlin Gigafactory, but have so far only succeeded in delaying the project. Closely watched by these groups, the Tesla factory in Berlin can still fear the worst. They will not hesitate to report any failure, or incident, to the competent authorities, with one objective in mind: to stop the production of batteries and electric cars in the German factory.

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