Beemo Technologie raises 4 million euros and changes hands

The company Beemo Technologie, created in 2002 in Montpellier by Gabriel Biberian (and now based in Pérols), specializes in computer data protection and backup solutions for VSEs and SMEs.

Beemo Technologie relies on a large national network of IT and office specialists who market its solutions. It has made a name for itself in particular among the liberal professions and health players, for whom data protection is crucial.

The company is taking a new step and has just announced a fundraising that changes its shareholding around Bpifrance and Galia Gestion, which becomes the reference shareholder.

“This is a fundraising of 4 million euros, explains André Debet, investment director at Galia Gestion, to The gallery. Beemo is a French and independent player that has demonstrated its ability to adapt to the needs of entrepreneurs and freelancers. They have begun to evangelize the VSE-SME market, but in a context where cybersecurity topics are becoming crucial for all businesses, a large number of SME managers still have to evolve the data protection architecture of their their business. »

An under-equipped VSE-SME market

On the occasion of this operation, Gabriel Biberian hands over the reins of Beemo to his sister, Mélanie Biberian, until then commercial director of the company.

This operation marks a new stage in the development of Beemo, he declares. I am delighted to pass on the management of the company to Mélanie, who has been a cornerstone of the company for many years. I am convinced that this new team, supported by Galia Gestion and Bpifrance, will allow Beemo and its employees to continue and accelerate the growth trajectory initiated in 2002.. »

Mélanie Biberian, now president of Beemo, points out that ” Beemo already occupies a leading position in France for data backup solutions, and thanks to the arrival of Galia and the support of Bpifrance, we will be able to grow the group in the cybersecurity sector. »

Because the objective of these new means is to conquer new market segments in the field of cybersecurity, in France but also internationally, ” through organic growth but also through external growth operations “says André Debet.

“The VSE-SME market is very under-equipped, does he point. An insurer recently told me that 75% of VSEs-SMEs are not insurable in cybersecurity because their infrastructures are not secure… Many back up their data to a drive in the cloud, but if something happens to the server, as was the case recently with OVH, companies risk losing their data. Beemo Technologie offers a double backup system that protects them against this risk but also against ransomware because if a pirate tries to monetize the pirated data, it is no longer necessary to pay since they are also saved elsewhere. »

Export and vertical products

If Beemo Technologie counts among its customers the HEC school or the Chamber of Notaries of Paris with which an agreement has been concluded, its commercial strategy is based above all on the network of its network of prescribers. It also aims to develop the export segment.

Thexport is part of the strategy, and the objective, initially, is to find distributors in neighboring countries, explains André Debet. Beemo is also betting on a new product vertical, still in the field of cybersecurity for SMEs, in order to optimize the network of IT specialists who distribute the brand. These new products could occur through external growth. The company’s objective is to exceed 10 million euros in turnover in the medium term. »

Today, Beemo Technologie employs 23 full-time equivalents and should quickly rise to 25, according to André Debet. It is aiming for a turnover of 5 million euros in 2022.