Beaugrenelle becomes the first shopping center in France to accept payment in cryptocurrencies

An initiative made possible thanks to a partnership with the French payment application Lyzi.

Despite the crypto-crash, some brands are betting on cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. And there, it is not just any sign: the Beaugrenelle shopping center, located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, which has 110 stores. The latter announced that it would accept payment in cryptocurrencies from Wednesday.

This initiative is made possible thanks to a partnership with the French application Lyzi, which notably makes it possible to accept payment in cryptocurrencies. Concretely, customers of the shopping center will have to go to the application in order to buy with their cryptocurrencies a Beaugrenelle gift card, which can then be used to pay in store. It will be possible to pay with 21 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ether.

“The center will thus offer its customers the opportunity to use their cryptocurrencies to pay for their gift card, which can be used in all the shops and all the restaurants of the Magnetic and Panoramic buildings on rue Linois in the 15th arrondissement of the capital”, underlines the press release. .

This is a first for a French shopping centre.

“The acceptance of crypto-currencies for the purchase of our gift card is still proof of this today and we are happy to be the first to be able to offer it”, declared Stéphane Briosne, director of Beaugrenelle Paris.

Assistance to the public in the shopping center

How does Lyzi work? On its website, it is specified that it is necessary to “indicate the amount in euros on the application, the equivalence in cryptocurrency is displayed on the screen and generates a QR code. The partner merchant only has ‘to scan the QR code to validate the transaction and be paid in euros’.

Beaugrenelle is in particular the first concrete partnership of the fintech, which has a short year of existence.

“We are convinced that the blockchain must be an essential component of the financial and retail ecosystem. We already have 1,500 connected points of sale in pre-marketing”, specified Damien Patureaux, boss of Lyzi, in a press release.

The fintech, which is not registered as a provider of digital assets (PSAN) with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), relies on provider Zebitex, which obtained PSAN registration last year , both for digital asset custody service and digital asset trading platform

Employees of the Lyzi application will present their solution from June 8 to July 8 in the mall, to help the public become familiar with this type of payment. “Crypto-currency will no longer have any secrets for Beaugrenelle customers”, underlines the press release.

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