Battery too expensive, he prefers to blow up his Tesla

The owner of a Tesla car who needed to replace his car’s battery preferred to blow it up rather than pay a huge sum to repair it.

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Tuomas Katainen refused to pay the more than $22,000 needed to change his car battery. The Finn had acquired his used 2013 Model S barely a year and a half ago.

So the man called in the “Bomb Dudes,” YouTubers known for blowing things up, CNN reported.

And the trio of Youtubers did not do things by halves, even creating a model resembling Elon Musk, famous founder of Tesla.

Tuomas Katainen himself had the privilege of detonating the 66 pounds of dynamite that shattered his car.

Video of the explosion has gone viral on the internet in the past few days as netizens asked Elon Musk if he could gift the man a new car.

Tesla did not respond to CNN’s interview requests.

The standard vehicle warranty is eight years or 150,000 kilometres. However, it can be revoked if the battery has been opened or repaired by a person not authorized by the manufacturer.


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