Back to school -School insurance: is it compulsory?

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At the beginning of the school year, a certificate of school insurance is requested from you by your child’s school, college or high school. Is it useful to take out such insurance? Is it essential or even compulsory? What exactly does it cover? answers you.

The insurance is optional for all compulsory school activities, ie those included in the student’s timetable. Example: a trip to the swimming pool or to the gymnasium.

However, it is mandatory if your child:

  • take part in optional activities organized by the establishment: visit to a museum, language stay, discovery classes, etc.
  • frequents the canteen;
  • participates in activities organized by the municipalities after school hours (supervised studies, cultural or sports activities).

School insurance covers both damage caused by the child (civil liability) and damage he may suffer (personal accident insurance).

To find out more precisely what guarantees are covered and how to take out school insurance, see our What is school insurance for?

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