AXA Assurance Maroc launches the “Patrimoine optimis multisupport” savings contract

Multisupport life insurance offers savers the freedom to diversify their savings investments by benefiting, on the one hand, from the security of the fund in dirhams, and on the other hand, from the dynamism of UCITS via the Unit-Linked compartment ( UC), can we read in a press release.

Multisupport is positioned as an alternative to traditional products (term deposits, passbook accounts, traditional life insurance). This is a savings contract containing two compartments :

– the fund in dirhams, where the capital is guaranteed with a competitive return;

– the second unit-linked compartment backed by UCITS (equities, bonds, money market, diversified) are managed by BMCI Asset Management.

During the life of the contract, savers can arbitrate, i.e. transfer funds from unit-linked funds to the dirham fund, or from the dirham fund to the unit-linked fund, or even arbitrate between the units of account. Recourse to the fund in dirhams can be used to secure capital gains made on the unit-linked fund or consolidate all of their savings while waiting for an opportunity on the financial markets.

For more security, AXA Assurance Maroc offers to back its Multisupport contract death insurancewhich guarantees the designated beneficiaries to receive a revalued capital equivalent at least to the sum of the payments made on the UC compartment, concludes the press release.

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