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Updated on Jul 28, 2022 at 9:14 a.m.

Binance is the most popular exchange in the world today. This is due in particular to the range of tools that his team develops in order to make crypto trading easier. One tool quickly catches the eye: Binance Auto Invest. It promises users to grow their capital through automated trading. What is it really worth and how does it work?

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What is Binance Auto Invest?

Binance owes its success to having liberated or at least democratized trading tools previously dedicated exclusively to institutional investors.

Among these tools, we find in particular Binance Auto Invest. It is part of the tools of the category ” Binance Earn ยป dedicated to long-term investment. As its name suggests, this service is based on an automated investment technique.

Its main objective is to allow users of this service to generate passive income through progressive investment discipline.

To date, 63 crypto-currencies are available on this investment plan, including BTC, ETH, BNB and SOL.

Create Binance Auto Invest plan
The Binance Auto-Invest Service Interface

To put it simply, Auto Invest proposes to establish an investment plan over a fixed period. Each plan is customizable according to the needs of investors. Thus, to build an Auto Invest plan, they determine several criteria:

  • The crypto in which they wish to invest for the long term. A table lists the potential ROI (returns on investment) of the cryptocurrencies eligible for the service.
  • the amount in USDT or in BUSD subscribed
  • The frequency investment, i.e. Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly
  • The dates and times of the recurring purchase

According to these criteria, Binance Auto Invest will act as an autopilot and will generate a recurring purchasegrowing the initial position of the portfolio.

To note

It is possible to subscribe to an unlimited number of investment plans. Similarly, the minimum amount to invest per purchase is $1.

Reviews of this automated trading tool

Binance Auto Invest puts into practice and in an automated way the investment method called DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging).

This technique is known to be the long-term investment method most effective to date. In practice, the investor builds up capital on an increasingly large position by carrying out a regular purchase of the same sum of the same asset and this regardless of the direction of the trend.

It works on a simple principle which considers that the Stock Exchange, like crypto assets, is long-term bulls.

Bitcoin Chart - Binance Auto Invest
During its cycle, Bitcoin recorded a bull run and then a sharp drop in one year. Despite these variations, the price of the BTC token remained bullish on the bottom.
Source: Trading View

The progressive investment of this technique reduces the impact of volatility of the market on the invested capital. This is an advantage when you know that the crypto market is one of the most volatile.

It also allows you to take advantage of downturns to reduce the average cost of assets constituting the investor’s portfolio.

However, this method is relatively difficult to set up since it requires a strong discipline to bear fruit.

Indeed, as mentioned above, the investor regularly buys the same amount of assets. Even in a period of sharp decline, it is necessary have the courage to buy even if it seems counter-intuitive and emotionally difficult. This is why some give up along the way.

Binance Auto Invest Reducespsychological impact difficult to manage created by the DCA method. This tool, once implemented, sets up a rigid discipline and acts as a financial and emotional manager. The investor is not involved in the management and therefore ensures the smooth running of the development of his capital.

Furthermore, just like most of the tools developed by Binance, Auto Invest is relatively simple to set up. Any investor, even a beginner, benefits from support throughout the process of setting up the investment plan.

He stays controllable and a user can at any time pause their plan and reactivate it at will.

Finally, the cryptos acquired by investors do not sleep in the spot portfolio. On the contrary, the Auto-Invest system integrates them into flexible savings where they will thus generate additional returns. This is an important asset for investors which generates a sort of double reward: that of the constitution of interesting capital and the generation of additional passive income.

Binance Auto-Invest is therefore a simple, quality solution and it is definitely not a scam. It is based on a proven investment method and is a great way to build an interesting cryptocurrency portfolio. However, there remains limited in terms of strategy, since it offers only one. So, if your methods are more short-term oriented, other solutions should be considered.

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The advantages of automating your crypto trading

Binance Auto Invest is part of the big family of so-called trading bots Where trading algorithms. These simplify trading by automating positions.

Thus, trading is becoming more democratic and is made more accessible to the less experienced in search of their first benefits. They also act as a complementary solution and diversification to more experienced traders.

Although that of Binance Auto Invest is based on a simple application of the DCA technique, there are more complex ones.

Some offer more elaborate trading strategies with programmed algorithms for chart, pattern and specific strategy analysis. The most technologically advanced trading algorithms diversify strategies to adapt to those of their users. That of EnBourse, for example, offers 3 different strategies:

  • Day Trading for short term investments from M15 to H1
  • Swing Trading dedicated to medium-term investments in H4
  • Dynamic management for the long term with daily analysis

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The demand for this kind of service is spreading more and more. The economic crisesthe decline in purchasing power and the lack of profitable banking solutions bring people concerned about building up regular passive income and comfortable capital.

Automated trading meets several constraints.

First, it allows generate income in a totally passive way. Investors keep their free time to devote to what is important to them, family, friends, hobbies.

Moreover, these revenues are relatively quick to get. A trading robot constantly analyzes, day and night, thousands of data and is able to generate real opportunities quickly with optimized yields. Human managers within banks or investment funds cannot therefore compete and offer the same returns.

Finally, automated trading services are accessible, no prior knowledge is required. A novice wishing to start creating capital can therefore subscribe without difficulty.

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