In Haute-Garonne, the sad observation of a psychiatrist on a “disastrous” hospital situation

the essential Dr. Pascal Marie is president of the Establishment Medical Commission (CME) of the Gérard Marchant hospital center. The psychiatrist draws a worried report on his sector, as he had already done in October 2021. A national strike movement of psychiatrists is announced for Tuesday, June 28. Like more than 130 colleagues in Haute-Garonne, … Read more

MAP. Lyme disease: here are the areas of France where ticks proliferate the most

By APEI Press Agency Published on Jun 26 ’22 at 10:28 News See my news Follow this media Although very small, the tick if it is infected by a bacterium of the spirochete family can be dangerous and trigger Lyme disease in humans. (©Sebastian Kaulitzki? (©Chalabala /Adobestock) According to the latest data available, probably … Read more

first confirmed case in a child in IDF, according to the ARS

Until then, the virus had only affected adults. The primary student was taken care of and “shows no signs of seriousness”. The Ile-de-France Regional Health Agency (ARS) reported on Saturday a first confirmed case of monkeypox in a child attending primary school in the region, specifying that he was taken care of and “shows no … Read more

Alzheimer’s: why too much or not enough sleep increases the risk of developing the disease?

The studies follow each other and resemble each other. The link between poor quality sleep and the risk of developing cognitive disorders seems to be confirmed. Thus, sleeping too little (or too much) would lead to Alzheimer’s disease. After 40 years, the optimal duration of sleep would thus be 7 hours per night. Sleep and … Read more

a first confirmed case in a child in France

The announcement was made by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Île-de-France. The child is educated in a primary school in the region. Supported by the health services, he shows no sign of seriousness according to the press release from the ARS. Article written by Posted on 06/25/2022 22:42 Reading time : 1 min. This is … Read more