Augmented reality, future eldorado of the metaverse? The Sandbox wants to believe it

A sandbox on hexagons – Over (OVR) is presented as the decentralized infrastructure of a metaverse combining the physical and virtual worlds, thanks to augmented reality. The project recently added a feature. It allows platform users to control non-fungible tokens (NFT) from another metaverse. Explanations.

The Sandbox’s NFTs above the lands of Over

According to the project’s white paper, Over allows its users, “to live personalized augmented reality interactive experiences in the real world”.

Users must use for this, a mobile device using iOS or Android, smart glasses such as Hololens, Magic Leap, or augmented reality headsets based on the holokit project – which have the advantage of being relatively cheap.

Metavers: A Fusion of the Real World and Augmented Reality – Over’s website

The project made a number of strategic choices to ensure its decentralization. An open-source platform, the development of OVR does not depend solely on its founders but on the whole of its community which contributes to its development.

Over is additionally hosted on blockchains Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC). It relies on these networks for decentralized exchanges ERC-20 OVR tokens. These blockchains also allow transactions ofOVR Lands which are NFTs.

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OVRLands are virtual parcels of land “that make up the digital layer of the subdivision of our planet into hexagons “. Platform users can trade these plots through the Over Marketplace and OpenSea.

An owner of OVRLands has the power to decide what kind of experience they want to provide to users visiting that plot. The augmented reality content that can be accessed by the user depends on its geographical position. These contents may correspond to 3D static elementsbut also “to highly complex and hyper-real interactive scenes”.

The moderation of Over, like the management of blacklists, is entrusted to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with a reporting system.

Since April 2022, the new features of OVER allow to its users control their NFTs from The Sandbox in the platform’s native metaverse. This feature is part of Over’s desire to set up an interoperability framework for different products NFT and metaverse. The control of these NFTs on the platform is done via the “My NFT” section.

The Over project therefore adds a string to its bow with this new feature concerning the NFTs of The Sandbox. The war of the metaverses thus seems to pass on the one hand, by the search for distinctive advantages, and on the other hand by the creation of synergy in a sector which could register 800 billion dollars of transactions.

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