Athlete fights inflation with Bitcoin by knockout

Speaker manufacturing – The phenomenon ofeconomic inflation that we know is an uppercut in many people’s wallets. Faced with this financial crisis, many are building their defense with Bitcoin, protective armor against inflation. This is the case of Matheus Nicolau who is attacking the economic crisis by changing the currency of his rewards: from now on he will be paid in Bitcoin.

Paid with bitcoins

Last week, Ultimate Fighting athlete Nicolau received his first salary in Bitcoin. To be able to benefit from this service, he has concluded an agreement with the company Bitwage.

Why this choice ? The main argument of the athlete is that of inflation, that is to say, the loss of value of a national currency, of a currency. The athlete therefore declares:

“I earn my money the hard way. I bleed for this. MMA is an intense sport in which you put everything you have. While I’m constantly fighting on one side, I feel like I’m constantly losing money on the other. Then it hit me: Bitcoin is the solution. »

The manager of the Brazilian sportsman, Vinícius Las Casas also accompanies him alongside Bitwage to receive part of his salary in Bitcoin.

“We are very bullish on Bitcoin and seek to spread the Bitcoin gospel with this latest deal. »

Vinicius Las Casas.

It should be noted that South America is sensitive to cryptocurrencies because it is a victim of inflation. Attracting a Brazilian Star is therefore a publicity stunt offering visibility to Bitwage.

” Here we are ! – Tweet by Matheus Nicolau – Source: Twitter

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A crypto alliance with Bitwage

The agreement was signed on March 21. A leading payroll and billing company in the crypto space, Bitwage enables individuals and businesses around the world to earn their monthly salary in bitcoin. Its two products are called Bitcoin401K and Lightning Payroll.

Bitwage’s service is pretty well put together. The first step is to register on the platform to receive an account number. It is then possible to choose the percentage of the salary that you wish to receive in Bitcoin. When the pay is sent, you receive bitcoins on a wallet (cryptocurrency wallet).

Nicolau is the first Latin American sportsman and the second UFC fighter to be paid in Bitcoin. This somewhat isolated news item, however, contributes to the growing number of athletes who are attacking cryptocurrencies. Brands such as Adidas and Nike are stepping into the ring as well. It is the entire world of sport that is moving towards Web 3.

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