Astrophysicist thinks alien technology may have ‘crashed into the Pacific Ocean’ – La Nouvelle Tribune

A top scientist plots a mission to find what he believes to be alien technology at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The astrophysicist Avi Loeb think a interstellar object that crashed on Earth in 2014 was a form of spatialship. A report from theUS Space Command (USSC) published last week confirmed that the object came from another star system.

The agency concluded that the projectile – which streaked across the sky off Manus Island, Papua New Guinea – was a meteor. Professor Loeb, however, has none of that. He claimed on Wednesday that the object could have been built by extraterrestrials. ” Our discovery of an interstellar meteor heralds a new research frontier“wrote the Harvard astronomer in an essay for The Debrief. ” The fundamental question is whether an interstellar meteor could unambiguously indicate a composition of artificial origin (…) Better still, perhaps some technological components would survive the impact. », continues the astrophysicist.

the professor Loeb has spent decades studying astronomy and more recently has explored the possibility that the life exists beyond the earth. His bold claims frequently make headlines and he has been criticized by others in his field for his alien theories. Working with a student at Harvard, the professor Loeb was actually the astronomer who identified the object as interstellar a few years ago.

After the USSC confirmed his hunch on April 7, Loeb calls for an expedition to find what remains of the object. In his essay, he noted thata recovery expedition could be made using magnets “scoopers” to explore the 10 square kilometer region of the Pacific Ocean where the object is believed to have landed. ” My dream is to press buttons on functional equipment that was made outside of Earth” , he added. It must be said that the astrophysicist has produced research on black holes, space radiation, early universe and other topics in his field.

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