Art Assurance: the partner for your works of art

Brokerage for exceptional properties

Lhe exceptional goods such as works of art and jewelery cannot be insured like any other item. Fascinating, sometimes mesmerizing, they are a symbol of know-how, history, culture and beauty. It was enough for Judith Goldnadel when she finds that it is very difficult to choose an insurance adapted to these goods.

Happy to be able to combine her university course in law with her passion for art and gemology, the young woman created Art Assurance in 1992, a brokerage firm specializing in the insurance of works of art and jewellery. For nearly 30 years, it has been supporting individuals, businesses and organizations in their choice. Today, Art Assurance enables its clients to insure their property and, more rarely, their exceptional residences, such as castles and mansions, if they incorporate specific artistic elements.

A complete service

To enable its customers to be fully covered, Art Assurance first invites them to have their goods appraised. For this, the brokerage firm relies on a network of professional experts. Based on the estimates made, Art Assurance only offers tailor-made contracts, covering the agreed value. The price of each item is fixed when the contract is signed.

However, as Judith Goldnadel points out, it is important to carry out regular appraisals of one’s assets, some of which experience an evolution in their value over time. In addition to insurance contracts, Art Assurance has created the Art Family Office, a service that supports and advises policyholders in the daily management of their property. This can be, for example, advice on transport, storage or the framing of objects. But the company does not stop there. When the worst happens, in the event of a disaster, the team provides real psychological support.

A diversified clientele

Art Assurance wants to be open to everyone. Thus, the company takes care of individuals, collectors and museums alike. Its services also cover auctions. The goods are also insured regardless of their location: on site, during transport, during an exhibition or in a specific storage location. For the past few years, and even more so since the health crisis, Art Assurance has been targeting a new type of clientele: buyers of works of art on the web. With the rise of certain specialized sites, the demand is increasingly strong. Unfortunately, these new sales channels sometimes expose buyers to unpleasant surprises, particularly in the area of ​​watches.

This type of jewelry is also the object of all desires, with a number of attacks that is only increasing. This is why Art Assurance has created a new online watch insurance product “Watch Insur”. In partnership with the “Watch Certificate” company which certifies the authenticity and value of watches. The customer can have his watch appraised and insured directly on site.

For 30 years, Art Assurance has established itself as the essential partner for collectors and individuals who own works of art and jewellery. Always keen to be at the forefront, the brokerage firm continues to innovate in its products and its support, while remaining close to its customers.

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