are you covered by insurance?

You had an accident with a wild animal or you fear it will happen to you. Find out how insurance compensation works?

No one is safe from an accident. While it is obviously possible to take precautions in order to avoid risks, the unexpected and sudden nature must obviously not be forgotten. This is also the case when driving in the city, in crowded streets, or at night, in the forest. If we generally think that being alone guarantees us not to have a collision with anyone, we must not forget the presence of wild animals. They tend to go out at night, and cross the road suddenly, without warning. And neither the noise of the engine, nor the Redlights do not change much, quite the contrary. And for good reason, the animals then tend to get stuck in the middle of the track, out of fear. But then, how is the compensation by the insurance in this case?

A difference according to the insurance contract

Unfortunately, not all motorists will be in the same boat in the event of a collision with a wild animal. Indeed, everything depends on the insurance contract to which you subscribed when purchasing your vehicle. If you are insured against all risks, then you will be well and truly covered and compensated in the event of such an accident. The best thing is still to take a look at your contract to check the possible options and guarantees, so as not to be caught off guard if this happens to you.

Beware of third party insurance

On the other hand, the situation will be a little more complicated if you have subscribed to a third party insurance. This only covers damage that you may have caused to other motorists and road users. You will therefore not be compensated in the event of an accident with a wild animal. It should be noted that the insurance does not inflict any penalty in this type of case, which is a matter of force majeure.

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