appearance of ZFEs, decline of diesel… 2022 was the year of the hybrid

Hybrid cars are popular. During the first eleven months of the year, they represented almost 28% of sales in the new home market. This technology, which combines an internal combustion engine and electric assistance, is largely replacing diesel, which continues its steep decline. According to the Argus 2022 “Energy Barometer”, only 13% of the French intend to buy a diesel car. At the same time, gasoline stagnates and 100% electric increases slowly.

The hybrid therefore stands out as the big winner of this year 2022. The models that offer a “classic” hybridization are, like the models that Toyota has marketed over the last twenty years, particularly popular. A boon for the Japanese manufacturer, pioneer in this technology, which has also achieved a record market share in Europe this year, surpassing 7% for the first time.

Sales increased, especially in Île-de-France

The manufacturer will therefore continue to bet on the hybrid, as confirmed to Europe 1 Andrea Carlucci, vice president for product and marketing of the Japanese group in Europe: “There are many customers, especially in Europe, who find our technology at the center of their own choices at the moment. It’s a transitional phase, but at the same time it’s a phase where we’re trying to stay connected to what matters most to us, which is what the customers want.”

In search of the “good hybrid deal”, more and more motorists are on the market for refurbished used cars. The Autohero online sales platform has seen a multiplication of searches on its website. Sales are increasing strongly, especially in Ile-de-France, which concentrates 43% of hybrid cars bought there.

The ZFE effect

A success that finds part of its explanation in the appearance of ZFEs (low emission zones). The Crit’Air 1 sticker, which will soon be essential to be able to circulate in large cities, has become a kind of holy grail that the acquisition of a hybrid vehicle makes it possible to achieve.

As for successful models, Autohero has released its list of best-selling hybrid cars. Not surprisingly, Toyota monopolizes the first two places with the CH-R and Yaris. The Niro SUV from the Korean manufacturer Kia completes the podium for the year 2022.

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