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Tesla is reviewing the prices of its Model 3 for the third time in a few days, with an inflation of €3,000! The Model Y is also affected and permanently loses its bonus.

Right now, following the evolution of prices at Tesla makes you dizzy. The prices of the Californian manufacturer’s models, displayed on the configurator of its website, have changed a lot over the past two weeks, with two consecutive increases for the Model 3. And it’s not over!

An increase of more than €10,000 in two weeks!

At the beginning of March, the Tesla Model 3 was still displayed at €43,800 for the entry-level, then rose to €44,990 during a first increase. Enough to take advantage of the maximum bonus of €6,000 for this standard version, but only by not checking any option. A few days later, the sedan exceeded the €45,000 threshold and lost its maximum bonus, with an access price set at €46,990. This week, Tesla is again reviewing its price with a base price set at €49,990, or €3,000 more in a few days. In two weeks, the increase represents more than €12,000 on the entry level for customers, taking into account the disappearance of government aid.

This time, the increase also concerns the Great Autonomy and Performance variants, which also take 3,000 €. The first starts at €58,990, and the second goes to €62,990 (against €59,990 so far). This increase takes the Performance variant above the €60,000 threshold, making it permanently lose any bonuses.

Model Y also affected

The one who loses the bonus is also the Model Y SUV, also affected by a price increase of €3,000. The basic model, Grande Autonomie, goes from €59,990 to €62,990, and says goodbye to the €2,000 bonus to which the entry level was still entitled. The Performance version starts at €66,990 now.

Very variable delivery times

As for delivery times, Tesla indicates an estimated date in its configurator, which varies greatly depending on the configuration chosen. Thereby, the Model 3 sedan immediately displays a delivery scheduled for February 2023 for the entry level without any options, but goes to November 2022 by choosing an optional body color or rims, or even August 2022 by combining the two. The Performance version is even displayed for delivery in May 2022. The Model Y can be delivered between April and July 2022 depending on the version selected and the body color chosen.

Tesla Model 3 Price (March 2022):

  • Model 3: €49,990
  • Great Autonomy: €58,990
  • Performance : €62,990

Tesla Model Y price (March 2022):

  • Great Autonomy: €62,990
  • Performance : €66,990

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