Another massive recall for Tesla

A pioneer in electric mobility, the American manufacturer Tesla must recall more than 100,000 electric cars in China. The local market regulator announced that the problem stemmed from an electrical fault which could lead to “ a slowdown in the (operating) speed of the central processor “, but also a malfunction of the touch screen: ” In extreme cases, the central processor may restart and the screen may not appear […], which can be dangerous. »

107,293 Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y produced in China between 2021 and 2022 are affected by this large-scale recall.

A news that would certainly have gone well without the American brand, which has been going through recalls for a few weeks.

Many malfunctions and problems that are beginning to tarnish the image of the brand in China, but not only, more and more singled out for the quality of its cars, but also for its after-sales service.

The biggest market for Tesla, China is a major challenge for the brand which, after a first factory, should soon set up a second. A new Gigafactory that could emerge from the ground not far from Tesla’s current production site in the Shanghai suburb of Lingang.

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