An inevitable collision between a Tesla and a private Jet!

In Washington, a collision could not be avoided between a Tesla and a private Jet. This happened after the owner of the Tesla activated the Smart Summon option. He has come to the conclusion that this function is almost a failure since until then, several of the brand’s cars have had incidents, serious or not, after activating it.

The Smart Summon function was created by Tesla few years ago. This option consists of move your Tesla car ten meters without needing a driver on board ; at low speed for a short distance. The fact remains that the driver can control his vehicle with his smartphone. But until then, failures follow one another and multiply!

Private jet versus a Tesla: what happened?

Incidents always happen when you least expect them. Truth be told, it’s hard to imagine a car hitting a plane or jet ! During an event organized by an aircraft manufacturer, the owner of a Tesla wanted to demonstrate that his car could leave the parking lot and join him using Smart Summon mode. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned! The car hit the private jet in the back and pushes it for a few hundred meters before stopping.

Smart Summon: a defective application?

Indeed, this is not the first incident with a Tesla in Smart Summon mode. Since the appearance of this technology that claims to be smart and ingenious, it is only the opposite that has been proven! Several mini-incidents have occurred with this option. A investigation was even carried out in Germanyto understand the reasons for these incidents.

Check out the video of the crash below:

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