An American company has created a drone equipped with a taser to intervene in the event of mass shootings

To improve the effectiveness of first responders in the context of a mass shooting, Axon, the world leader in connected public safety technologies, has designed a drone equipped with a taser capable of neutralizing a shooter in a matter of seconds. seconds.

“Today, the only viable response to a mass shooter is another armed person.” According to Rick Smith, founder of Axon, the non-lethal remote-controlled taser drone system developed by his company is an effective and immediate solution. Moreover, according to him, this technology would be the most ethical way to protect citizens.

Announced on Twitter on Thursday June 2, the development of the technology stems from a reflection by Rick Smith, already described in a 2019 book. “Now is the time to make this technology a reality – and to start a public debate solid on how to ethically introduce non-lethal drones into schools,” he also said in a statement.

Armed drones in schools

“I think we may be able to detect, deter and ultimately arrest a shooter,” said Axon’s CEO. These armed and remote-controlled flying robots would thus be destined to enter American schools. According to Rick Smith, it is thanks to cameras and sensors installed in school buildings and directly connected to the drone, that it will be easier to neutralize an attacker.

While Axon guarantees safe and responsible deployment using a human-monitored system and asserts the mobilization of non-lethal force from its taser drones, the company’s board of directors has disapproved of the technology.

In 2021, nearly a thousand deaths have been recorded since the use of the taser – also manufactured by Axon – in the United States.

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