Alliance Tires: Innovative technology that pays off

With over 4,000 part numbers, Yokohama Off-Highway Tires offers the widest range in the industry / Update on company developments / New sizes and key customer feedback for the Agri Star II / Recent scientific results prove the economic and ecological value of VF Alliance tires and confirm an earlier study

With more than 4,000 references, the largest portfolio in the industry, a presence in 120 countries on 6 continents, state-of-the-art R&D facilities in Japan, India and the United States and 7 factories in 3 countries (1 under construction), Yokohama Off-Highway Tires (YOHT) develops and supplies innovative tire solutions for the agricultural segment worldwide.

As indicated by Christophe Walschaerts, Director France at Yokohama Off-Highway Tires (YOHT) “Recent customer feedback on Alliance’s Agri Star II convincingly demonstrates that the performance, extended traction and appearance of this unique tire far exceeds user expectations in various markets. That’s why we are particularly pleased to further develop 12 additional sizes of this sought-after model. In addition, a recent scientific study carried out in Denmark has proven the economic and ecological value of Alliance 372 VF and Alliance 389 VF tires. The results showed that these VF tires significantly reduce soil compaction while greatly increasing corn yield,”

AGRI STAR II Alliance: The success story continues

“The Agri Star II range of tires with the 70, 85, and 90-95 series exceeds all expectations and the new tire sizes are presented in March. Farmers and contractors in many countries continue to tell our dealers and field engineers how these tires excel in terms of high performance and low wear rates. “, said Christophe Walschaerts. During the development and field testing of this model, extensive involvement from customers and dealers worldwide resulted in a very clear picture of user expectations. This constructive dialogue made it possible to recognize that the Agri Star II is a unique tire in terms of construction, performance, lifespan and appearance, with Stratified Layer Technology (SLT) being an essential feature of this tire. With the SLT, developed by the Alliance brand of Yokohama Off-Highway Tires, each stud consists of two layers: the first (inner) layer has a multi-angled profile, while the second (outer) layer has a of a single angle profile. The combination of these two layers results in effective and prolonged traction, improved handling and better braking capabilities. When the inner (first) layer is about 40% worn, the Agri Star II virtually begins a new life, performing like a new tire.

High-performance tires: For the good of ecology and economy

The results of recent scientific studies carried out in Denmark have been. ” These results clearly show that Alliance VF tires are a good investment – in terms of effective soil protection and increased revenue for farmers “, indicated Christophe Walschaerts. The study was carried out by SEGES Innovation, a leading agricultural knowledge and innovation center in Denmark. Field trials in 2021 clearly revealed positive effects of Alliance Agriflex 372 VF and Agriflex 389 VF Very High Flex (VF) Tires compared to conventional tyres. Despite optimal dry ground conditions and the corresponding high soil stability and load-carrying capacity, the low inflation pressure of VF Tires halves tread depth during liquid fertilizer application – by 79 at 45mm explained Christophe Walschaerts: “ The scientists reported that in addition to a significantly reduced tread depth, wheel slip was also reduced by 4.4%, and measurements with a penetrometer showed lower soil compaction in the “furrows”. of VF tires” in the ground area from 0 to 40 cm. This lower soil compaction effect was even found to be significant at a depth of 20 to 25 cm. »

As further evidence of the positive effects, maize yields in the “VF tire” furrows greatly exceeded those in the “conventional tire” furrows by about 12.9 harvest units per hectare, or about 10%. ” In sum – and depending on the working width of the liquid fertilizer spreader – these effects resulted in a yield increase of 1.5 to 2.2% per hectare. Thanks to the higher yields and reduced wheel slip in “VF tire tracks”, this result translates into calculated profit gains of between €21.8 and €32 per hectare. This tire technology result is really good news for farmers and entrepreneurs alike said Christophe Walschaerts.

Impressive confirmation of French research results

References to a French study were also presented. The modern Alliance Agriflex 372 VF tire was tested at the IRSTEA (National Institute for Research in Science and Technology for the Environment and Agriculture) in France in 2020. “This test revealed excellent performance in terms of fuel, traction, footprint and slip efficiency, and therefore effective floor protection. The results showed that the Agriflex 372 VF outperformed competitors’ IF tires in nearly all test parameters and performed on par with a competitor’s premium VF tire. The Agriflex 372 VF comes at a significantly lower price, but its performance and total cost make it an unbeatable offer with excellent value for money. ” The recent test results in France and Denmark that we are able to present are just a few examples of the advantages of Alliance products in everyday life, thanks to an excellent price-quality ratio in terms of ecological and economic results. », concluded Christophe Walschaerts.

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