All-electric Hummer makes fun of Tesla’s Cybertruck

The customizable interface of the 100% electric Hummer reveals a logo that mocks the design of the Cybertruck. It’s fair game.

In a video posted on December 17 on YouTube, General Motors announced the launch of the first 100% electric Hummer in the history of this iconic vehicle model. This is the second pickup to enter the segment, after Rivian’s R1T. On the sidelines of the first deliveries, videographer Doug DeMuro offers us a complete – and complimentary – test drive of the vehicle. The opportunity to discover a little troll addressed to Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Indeed, the Hummer interface allows you to customize the experience, for example by associating icons with certain functions. Several of these icons are funny and one of them actually shows a Hummer getting on a… Cybertruck.

When General Motors makes fun of the Cybertruck // Source: Capture YouTube

General Motors makes fun (a little) of Tesla

This little drawing has several meanings. Its first goal is obviously to make fun of the particular design of the Cybertruck. Tesla’s 100% electric pickup will not look like any of its competitors, and its futuristic and imposing look will not leave you indifferent. Obviously, General Motors finds that it can act as a ramp on which to drive. It is true that the front of the Cybertruck allows it since there is no break between the glass and the muzzle.

All-electric Hummer makes fun of Tesla's Cybertruck
Tesla’s Cybertruck will have a retractable solar roof // Source: Tesla

The second meaning is a little more subtle. With its 100% electric Hummer, General Motors hopes to commercially crush the Cybertruck. And what better than an icon showing the Hummer rolling over its rival to illustrate this ambition? In any case, it should be noted that Tesla continues to inspire its peers: its cars are full of easter eggs and this little nod from General Motors is one of them.

All-electric Hummer makes fun of Tesla's Cybertruck
When General Motors makes fun of the Cybertruck // Source: Capture YouTube

The American firm can afford to boast for an obvious reason: its 100% electric pickup is indeed available before that of Tesla, while it was made official after (November 2019 for the Cybertruck, October 2020 for the Hummer) — it’s a small victory, casually. We recall that Rivian has beaten everyone with its R1T, in a category particularly popular in the United States (pickups are at the top of sales, each year).

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