AirPlay before CarPlay in Teslas?

Tesla offers a complete and closed experience in its cars, with a dashboard built around a large central screen that displays all the important information and integrates all the controls of the car. The manufacturer specializing in electrics has never opened its proprietary system to CarPlay or Android Auto for this reason, it wants to offer a turnkey solution that offers all the necessary functions. However, it could be open to another Apple technology that would not occupy the screen, but would improve the sound quality: AirPlay.

Six months in Tesla: a computer on wheels, for better or for worse

No question of adding CarPlay to the Tesla screen, but could AirPlay be added to Bluetooth to stream music? (image MacGeneration)

Nothing is done and there is not even any evidence at this point that Tesla is going to add AirPlay compatibility to its vehicles, all we have at this point is a tweet from Elon Musk. In response to a driver who complains that he only has Bluetooth as a solution to stream music from his smartphone and that AirPlay would be a better option, the CEO replies that he will discuss this with the sound team . This could be one of the options considered to increase the sound quality broadcast by a smartphone, Bluetooth compressing the music by default.

There are solutions to stream audio with less loss using Bluetooth, but the source must also be compatible and there is no universal option. AirPlay is a proprietary system that is reserved for iPhones, but it is possible to pay a license to Apple to integrate it into any device and a Tesla could thus be considered an AirPlay 2 destination for smart smartphone users. The broadcast could then be done in Wi-Fi and without losses if the file read in source is equally so. This could be useful for all streaming services that offer this option, Apple Music in the lead.

Could Tesla use AirPlay to also broadcast videos when cars are stationary, for example during charging phases? After all, Apple’s protocol is also thought for the image and it could be an elegant solution, even if the home system offers direct access to many services. We nevertheless come back to the main blocking point: until then, the manufacturer has always preferred to do everything itself, without depending on third-party technologies. If you were hoping to get AirPlay in your Tesla, don’t hold your breath (just like the addition of Apple Music, for that matter)…

AirPlay could also be used to occupy while charging (image MacGeneration).

In the series Elon Musk responds to user requests, he also tweeted a “ Safe » to a customer who demanded the addition of a rain-related function. If the car is parked with the windows open and it detects rain, its windows may close automatically. That would be smart to avoid a flood inside and a good demonstration of the permanent evolution capacities of the American brand’s vehicles.


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