Air Courtage Assurances moves up a gear

From left to right: Franck Allard, Caroline Cognet-Renard, Christine Gervais and Grégory Allard. © Air Courtage Assurances.

Air Courtage Assurance and Filhet-Allard announce their merger to bring their weight to bear on the European aviation insurance market.

Aircraft fleet operators are faced with soaring insurance costs. Some encounter the worst difficulties in finding an insurer who agrees to cover them. In this increasingly tense context, the profession of aviation insurance broker, which is exercised between the end customer and the insurance company, is becoming more and more complicated. Hence the merger between two leading brokers to try to weigh more heavily on the aviation insurance market.

Air Courtage Assurance and Filhet-Allard have just announced the implementation of a new strategic partnership. At the same time as it becomes a reference shareholder, Filhet-Allard entrusts its branch of aviation activity to Air Courtage Assurance, which will thus benefit from the means and resources of a group which has more than 1,500 employees, generates 247 million euros in turnover and managed more than 1.5 billion euros in premiums in 2021.

In an increasingly complex and international aviation insurance market, this association is an opportunity to consolidate our business model and expand into other markets. », Caroline Cognet-Renard, Co-manager and partner of Air Courtage Assurances who does not hide her European ambitions.

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