Agents of the Loiret Primary Health Insurance Fund, overwhelmed by the sick leave files to be processed, are on strike

It is a side effect of the Covid, the stop files accumulate on the offices of the Health Insurance Fund and the duration of treatment lengthens. So much so that the insured receive their daily allowances two to three months late. The consequences are the reception agents and the telephone platform who support them.

“Nervousness, insults, tears… Can you imagine for a single-parent family whose adult has been on leave since January?”

Angelic (Reception agent in the Loiret)

Angélique (the first name has been changed at the request of our interlocutor), like her colleagues, can no longer bear not being able to respond to policyholders who travel and who are expecting something completely other than “you should receive them in two months” .

The telephone platform no longer responds

The public is all the more annoyed that a “deterrence system” has been put in place for the telephone platform, says Cindy Raboso, CGT staff representative. The process is classic: after several minutes of waiting on the phone, the communication is interrupted. So to contact the Caisse, you have to travel. But it is not that simple. The physical reception of the public is only possible by appointment in the afternoon (free and by appointment in the morning), until May 31, to try to catch up on the processing of files.

How much did Covid-19 cost the Loiret CPAM?

55 minute walkouts

Agents crack, some are on hold and a strike movement has been underway for a week. In the form of a 55-minute walkout per day (not necessarily at the same time for the agents participating in the movement). “The movement is 100% followed in Gien, around 80% in Orléans, it was 100% in Montargis, it’s going down a bit”, according to Cindy Raboso.

Requested by The Rep’the management reacted only with a press release in which it wrote: “Dialogue continues between staff representatives and managementwith the aim of maintaining the quality of service rendered to the insured.”

Philippe Abline


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