after the SUV, a sedan to compete with Tesla?

A city car in 2024, an SUV in 2025, then a coupe in 2026, and after? What solutions would be considered to sustain Alpine thereafter?

Alpine sedan – Since its revival in the mid-2010s, the Dieppe firm has clearly modeled its strategy on that of Porsche with its A110 coupé, calibrated against the Cayman. But the 100% electric revolution of Alpine, announced in recent months, will open up the field of possibilities. Luca du Meo, head of the Renault group, made no secret of this by declaring that the transformation of its premium brand will place it between Ferrari and TeslaIn the coming years. Vast program, but how to find the means?

Electrification is inevitable, for any manufacturer whatsoever. But, if Alpine has made the choice of all-electric, Porsche and Ferrari intend to make internal combustion engines last as long as possibleif only to maintain their image as engine manufacturers. For the moment, only the Taycan represents the electric offer of the German manufacturer. But the latter having sold more than the 911 during the year 2021, it is easy to imagine that the electricity fairy will take a prominent place in Zuffenhausen’s product plan. Next year, the Macan will also put its fingers in the grip, before being followed by the future Cayman and Boxster. On his side, Ferrari has just converted to hybridization, but promises a first 100% electric model for 2025. This is the meaning of the story.

Ferrari for power

At Renault, we rather see in Alpine the possibility of build a premium brand, beyond the sporting myth that surrounds it. This is also the condition of its survival for the next few years. Of course, the legend of the high-performance coupé, forged by two generations of A110, will have to enduredespite the forced march towards electrification. This is why Alpine has teamed up with Lotus to create its future flagship: a 100% electric coupe developing around 800 hp, promised by 2026. A philosophy 1000 miles from that advocated by the Norman craftsman who, until now, relied more on relatively modest engines combined with a light hull. But the enemy of electric cars being weight, the replacement for the A110 intends to compensate, this time, with an abundance of power that will bring it closer to Ferrari standards.

Tesla for broadcast

When it comes to competing with Tesla, as Luca de Meo wants, Alpine will bet first on its very first SUVconfirmed for 2025. A model assembled in the historic stronghold of Jean Rédélé, its founder, who should however be more opposed to the future electric Porsche Macan than to the Tesla Model Y, far from shining with its sporty character. And no question for Alpine to tease the Model X, which is far too imposing. Therefore, it is througha Model 3 sedan that Alpine could consider tackling the Californian firm head-on. The CMF-EV platform, developed by the Renault-Nissan Alliance, will in future be able to serve as the basis for vehicles of all types extending up to 4.70 m, the exact length of Elon Musk’s sedan. Probably tasks Nissan, for the needs of the North American market, where the Japanese shines, to inaugurate this 100% electric silhouette, when Renault could also try its luck on this segment that fell into disuse among generalist manufacturers, during the thermal era, but which has once again aroused interest since Tesla took over. With such a model, Alpine would then enter a new era ensuring wider distribution around the world, provided that the development of its notoriety, still too low at present, takes the same path.

Tickle the Taycan, by the way

After 2026, Alpine’s product plan is therefore likely to expand with the introduction of a sedan. which, by the way, would compete with the entry-level Porsche Taycan, with power levels around 400 hp. The future will tell.

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