After ChatGPT ‘Red Alert’, Google should show AI-infused search engine

Google is infusing artificial intelligence into many of its services and applications, but the search engine has missed the train of content-generating bots. Especially text, which ChatGPT offers with disturbing results. And this train is launched at full speed: ChatGPT can trigger one of those technological revolutions, which redistributes the cards in the technology sector and ends up transforming our daily life profoundly. The robot is banned from school in New York!

Google in 1998.

OpenAI, the creator of this fine (and also by the Dall-E image generator), is courted from all sides. Microsoft has announced plans to integrate ChatGPT into Office and invest $10 billion in the startup. On Google’s side, it’s the “red alert”: ChatGPT could actually completely outdate the search engine’s results.

“Red Alert”: when ChatGPT panics with Google

Google’s technology is not lagging behind, but the company has decided not to offer its AI text generation tools due to potential drifts. But the ChatGPT map could force the group’s hand: according to New York TimesGoogle would like to demonstrate its search engine this year with search functions. chatbot.

The demo should show Google’s priorities: the truth of facts, ensuring safety and removing misinformation “. Criticism that is also leveled at ChatGPT and more generally at the processing of data using artificial intelligence. The publication does not know when Google intends to unveil this news, but the Google I/O developer conference in May could be a good apartment.

In quick succession, Microsoft and Google announced big social plans: 10,000 layoffs at one, 12,000 at the other. But every time we are assured of our desire to invest heavily in artificial intelligence.


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