Abeille Assurances publishes its re-birth announcement – Image

Abeille Assurances, an insurance company in France and formerly Aviva France, presents a new advertising campaign based on visuals to accompany its transition between the Aviva France brand and Abeille Assurances. Imagined and designed in collaboration with Altmann+Pacreau, it is visible from May 8 until June 10 in the national press, regional daily press, as well as digitally (on the sites of the regional daily press, social networks and geolocation on mobile). With this campaign, Abeille Assurances has set itself the dual objective of reassuring its policyholders that nothing changes for them and, more broadly, reviving the Abeille Assurances brand among the general public. The campaign is available on several media via media coverage deployed at national and territorial level. In print, the campaign comes in two different concepts: a manifesto designed as an announcement of “rebirth” and a visual “general agent” visible in the PQR.

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