a woman gave birth in her car thanks to Autopilot mode

Stuck in traffic jams with her family, an American was able to give birth in her Tesla vehicle. Her husband at the wheel was able to assist her thanks to the activation of Autopilot, the famous automatic piloting system. This “baby Tesla” finally came into the world in front of the hospital.

A crucial choice

If the Autopilot is subject to many reviews since its inceptionthis system is sometimes at the heart of incredible stories and has even saved lives. In 2016, an American lawyer driving a Tesla Model X, for example, suffered a pulmonary embolism while on the highway. Thanks to the activation of the Autopilot, he was able to get to the hospital quickly in order to be taken care of.

As the local daily Philadelphia Inquirer explains in an article of December 15, 2021, Yiran Sherry (33) has meanwhile gave birth in his Tesla vehicle September 9th. Despite contractions during the night, she thought she had time to get to the hospital in time. However, her water broke just before getting into the car. At this stage, nothing very urgent, but it is absolutely necessary get to the hospital without wasting time.

However, one detail made things very difficult. Indeed, traffic jams were in the way of Yiran Sherry, her husband Keating Sherry (at the wheel of the vehicle) and their three-year-old son. It must be said that the little family had left home during peak hours. While the cars are desperately immobilized, the contractions of the young woman are more and more frequent.

Credits: capture YouTube / News Flash – Sound of Hope

A birth at the gates of the hospital

Then something new happens. Keating Sherry turns on Autopilot in order to assist his wife. The husband then finds himself with one hand on the steering wheel and the other, holding his wife’s. The man then enters the address of the hospital in the GPS and finds out the travel time: twenty minutes. Only, there you go, the family is still stuck in traffic. Now the contractions are happening about a minute apart only and the husband must therefore resolve to help his wife give birth in the vehicle.

When the Tesla arrives in front of the hospital, the child is already almost out. Finally, the nurses cut the umbilical cord in the car before taking care of the newborn and the mother in the best conditions. On this occasion, the little girl baptized Maeve Lily was also nicknamed “baby Tesla”.

The husband did not hesitate to praise the merits of the “brilliant Autopilot design”a rather flattering compliment for the engineers at Tesla. This story, which ends well, represents in passing a nice spotlight for the brand. For several years now, the Autopilot accident cases (and people) multiply, tarnishing the manufacturer’s reputation. Let us mention for example the fact that since 2020, Tesla has lost the right to use the Autopilot mention in Germany.

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