A Tesla Model 3 glides through a store

A few days ago, we informed you of some rather unusual information. Indeed, an owner who had accused Tesla very recently retracted and claimed that his remarks were false. Today a very impressive accident of a Tesla Model 3 which makes a gliding flight and literally crashes in a shop.

The driver claims to have lost control

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The images are much more shocking this time around, but the claims of the owner behind the wheel are still much the same. An authoritative source on the subject raises the question of the speed because according to the video, the vehicle is propelled at more than 112 km/h in the city.

To do such damage, it actually required excessive speed but also a springboard that the owner unfortunately found with these few steps at the edge of the glass surface.

According to the DriveTeslaCanada website:

The police report says the owner said he was driving on State Route 315 when his brakes failed. He said he then pulled off the freeway and maintained his speed at around 70mph (112kph) on Vine Street, where speed is limited to 30mph (48kph).

According to witnesses, it appears that the driver accelerated to run a red light moments before the accident.

Authorities won’t specifically investigate an autopilot failure

After being contacted by the Columbus Police Division, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) decided not to investigate the accident and the possible involvement of Autopilot.

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