a Tesla driver loses control of his vehicle and injures 20

Occurring at the Golden Age brasserie, whose terrace opens onto the crossroads where the accident occurred, a taxi driver lost control of his Tesla, a car manufacturer specializing in electric cars. After hitting a traffic light and hitting a cyclist, the driver collided with another vehicle, before ending up in a glass container.

“It was chaos”

According to testimonies collected by “Le Parisien”, the scene looked apocalyptic. “It was chaos”, confides on Sunday December 12 in the morning the mayor (various left) Jérôme Coumet. According to the elected official, the car was over 100 km / h at the crossroads.

So why ? The vehicle’s pedal, according to initial reports, was stuck due to a mechanical or electrical problem. It is up to the investigators of the accident judicial processing service to complete the origins of such an accident. Even if the intentional thesis should not be discarded.

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