A Tesla destroys a building in a mad dash! (+ video)

Tesla is in the news but for a terrifying new accident involving one of its cars. In Ohio, in the United States, a Model 3 destroyed the facade of a building at nearly 110 km/h!

It’s the kind of image that sends shivers down your spine… As shown in the surveillance video belowfeatured on the Youtube channel of Inside Editiona Tesla Model 3 was involved in an impressive accident of the road.

Scary pictures!

The scene takes place at the beginning of May in the town of Columbus, the main city in the state of‘Ohiolocated northeast of UNITED STATES. This is where a driver has lost control of his Tesla Model 3 before crash into each other violently in the front of the local Convention Center!

The surveillance images collected from the street and the entrance hall of the building show the Model 3dating from 2020, white in color speed through a crossroadsjump over the sidewalk and finish his mad dash in the facade of the Congress, demolishing part of its hall in the process.

Technical failure or human error?

If, at first glance, one can think of a technical incident having caused this big exit from the road, the origin of the facts would be somewhat different. The driver, taken to hospital in “stable condition”, later stated that the braking system of his Tesla had failed him. We remember that similar reasons were mentioned during the accident in Paris.

But the man would have been taken in flagrant speeding by several witnesses. They told authorities that the owner of the Model 3 had attempted to switch to orange lightincreasing its speed to almost 110 km/h but without being able to turn or slow down.

More fear than harm

If its causes will have to be determined with precision, this impressive accident fortunately did no injuries. The convention center was hosting several events at the same time, including a junior women’s volleyball championship.

Sources: Inside Edition, Le Parisien

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