A technology to park more easily already in 1933

Motorists have always had the need to park more easily. But this is a point that manufacturers are struggling to improve. Yet even in 1933, some ideas weren’t so bad.

For some drivers, the slots are a real chore. And without going to the slots, simple maneuvers can sometimes cause problems.

But in the face of this kind of concern, thehe former American car manufacturer Packard had a great idea. Indeed, the spare wheel placed at the rear of the car had a very specific function. In the event of a parking maneuver, the latter was lowered in order to allow the car to turn more easily.

Go without further ado, here are the images and you will see it, it is really well thought out, especially with the means of the time.

Extremely well thought out

With such a technique, the driving instructors would have almost nothing left to teach the pupils. The slightest niche immediately becomes much easier with this wheel which lowers at the rear.

Yes, all you have to do is go forward in the chosen place and you’re done, as this video shows us. But surprisingly, this technology was never exploited thereafter. It would otherwise be known.

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