a six-ton ​​electric tank based on Model 3!

Try Tesla Model T: a six-ton ​​electric tank based on Model 3! ?

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German youtubers have decided to make the Tesla Model 3 a tracked vehicle. They named this six-ton ​​electric tank the Model T.

This isn’t Tesla’s first all-terrain conversion that we’ve seen, but it’s surely one of the most spectacular. This Model T will play on much bumpier ground than the future Cybertruck, the brand’s most off-road vehicle.

The German YouTube channel The Real Life Guys has converted a Model 3 into a six-ton ​​raised tracked vehicle. For this, they made specific tracks for the car, in order to be able to raise it.

The complex system is based on caterpillars weighing 1.3 tons each, and the rest of the parts are more than two tons. Chain assembly took up most of the four weeks it took to design this project. The Tesla Model 3 that stands on these huge tracks has an impressive ground clearance of 80 centimeters.

The first video around this project, to be found below, focuses on the manufacture of the vehicle and in particular the imposing tracks. The channel plans, in a future video, to discover the capabilities of the vehicle off the beaten track.

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