A photo to request blind spot detection

The Tesla community is extremely caring towards the teams and its creator. Nevertheless, it has always been able to propose important developments for the manufacturer.

This is how the GPS member, member of the Tesla Twitter community, suggests the integration of blind spot detectors and emergency stop signals. He points out that this is standard with many manufacturers.

A cutting-edge vehicle on other features

This is the paradox with the Teslas. Some features are missing and make the Teslas sound like visions of the mind on wheels.

Indeed, Elon Musk and his teams do not ape the industry. It is rather the auto industry that borrows ideas from Tesla, we can cite as an example the flying Yoke presented by the brand with the capital T and taken over by Lexus.

It is also a source of delay because you have to wait for a lot of feedback to implement this type of evolution.

The aftermarket head-up display, a typical example

There is an accessory that pretty clearly explains the builder’s position. On the Tesla Model 3, you will not have the speed above the steering wheel but only on the central screen.

It’s specific to Tesla and for some people it can be a real problem. An elderly member explained to me that with his bifocals, he had to take his eyes off the road to see his speed.

I have the impression that the accessories sold on the marketplace meet the needs of the 1% of motorists. This is a position that seems clearly assumed.

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