A personal tracker by Google to compete with Apple’s AirTag? –

Google would work on a personal tracker similar to Apple’s AirTag that would locate an object or person. A new connected beacon that could emerge from the web giant’s ecosystem knows, which could be codenamed: Grogu Project.

Ah, today the world of electronics and the connected never ceases to amaze us. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, GPS … so many technologies that offer a wide range of possibilities. And this time it is Google which, according to some sources, could be interested in a coherent object, which is not really entirely new, but which is gaining ground. that connected tracker.

Grogu project? Suspicion of development of a connected tracker.

For the past few days, geek planet has been excited about the possibility of Google developing a new connected object. And this connected object would be a personal tracker or a connected beacon equivalent Apple AirTagSamsung’s Galaxy SmartTag+ or the tile that we tested a few years ago.

The Tile company invites us to test one of its new products, Tile Slim, which can easily slip into, for example, a purse. So let’s see these features together.

What do we know about this newcomer to Google? Get things last. According to the information collected here and there by certain specialists or snoops on the web, the device could use Bluetooth (BLE) and would pass through the Google Fast Pair service in connection with the smartphone.

According to blogger Kuba Wojciechowski, the device may have a speaker. A speaker as you understood will serve to enable the device to be used as salarm system in case of distance. A feature that already exists on current trackers. The idea is, for example, to put the tracker in your wallet and connect it to your smartphone.

If your wallet is stolen or you forget it somewhere, it will start ringing when you walk away from it. Another technology used is UWB wireless communication technology (Ultra-broadband).

Price and availability.

Currently, no information about the product in question, which we suspect, should it be released, is necessarily compatible with most android smartphones. The smartphone operating system belonging to Google, we still have to remind you.

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