A new wallet that may appeal to NFT investors!

In the day yesterday, the video game retailer GameStop has launched the beta version of its own wallet on the Ethereum blockchain. Users wishing to participate in the beta can download the wallet from the Chrome Web Store.

Once downloaded, users will be able to store and exchange their cryptocurrencies securely in a wide range of decentralized applications. According to GameStop, mobile versions of the GameStop wallet will soon be available.

GameStop wallet options to know

Another key feature of GameStop Wallet is that it is “custodial free”, which means that users will have full control of the digital assets they store on their wallet. No third parties will have access to the wallet of a given user, but only the one who is in possession of his private key. Users who wish to make their wallet even more secure can transfer all of its content to a compatible “hardware wallet”, such as Ledger brand wallets.

Additionally, the wallet will allow users to store and consolidate their NFTs in a single digital location. This corresponds to an announcement made by the game retailer earlier this year, regarding its marketplace project NFTs on the theme of video games, slated for release around the end of the first quarter or the beginning of the second quarter. It is a clear desire on the part of GameStop to settling in the Web3.

GameStop’s announcement is part of a general trend that can be found through more traditional companies that also want to establish themselves in the Web3 space. For example, Web2 institutions like eBay or Instagram have taken part in the NFT craze, either by integrating them into their sites or by creating their own collections.

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